Electric Actuators now badged with the Made in Britain marque

The original Electric Actuator Company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying electric actuators from its Bradford facility since 1957.  It is proud to be a British manufacturer of a world-class product and now ensures all its products carry the Made In Britain marque.

The Electric Actuator Company  was the original UK Electric Actuator Company and it now produces a standard range of actuators from which it can adapt stroke, speed and force to suit customers individual requirements or design a completely bespoke solution. An electric actuator is powered by a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical torque.  It converts the rotational motion of a motor into linear movement – a push and pull movement. This makes it possible to lift, adjust, tilt, push or pull heavy or hard to reach objects by pushing a button.

They are used in many different situations and in numerous sizes across industry, the Electric Actuator Company specialises in finding solutions to many industry actuation requirements. Actuators are typically supplied to deep mining, power generation, oil production, railway industry, water industry, mechanical handling from container handling to airport baggage handling conveyors. In fact, the Electric Actuator Company's actuators have been working day and night supporting the main baggage handling system at Heathrow Terminal 1 airport for over 30 years.

The success and longevity of the company can be largely attributed to the fundamental product design, the quality of components used and the manufacturing process which is second to none in the actuation industry.

For more information see: http://www.electricactuator.co.uk

Electric Actuators

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