Buddy Burst wins accreditation from Made in Britain

SEED-based promotion product creator Buddy Burst has won accreditation from the Made in Britain organisation. The Buckinghamshire-based company’s eco-friendly promotional products are sustainably sourced, and bespoke to suit customers’ needs. The range includes Seedsticks, custom shaped and printed ‘matchstick gardens’ which grow when they a placed in soil.

Shaheen Shakeel, marketing manager at Buddy Burst, told Made in Britain, “We are committed to helping brands grow in a sustainable way. Every one of our eco-friendly promotional products is sustainably sourced, superbly designed and bespoke to suit our customers’ needs. Manufacturing in the UK means that we are able to considerably reduce the carbon footprint in the process of getting these products to our customers. We are proud to manufacture products here in the UK and being accredited only makes us prouder.”

Find out more about Buddy Burst from its members' directory profile page or its website.

By Made in Britain 9 months ago | Made in Britain news

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