Builders and engineers lead the charge to join Made in Britain this week

FOUR new members of Made in Britain come from the building and construction sector this week and four are from engineering.

The builders are:

APT Security Systems Limited, which makes traffic management systems, barriers, bollards, terrain blockers, hostile vehicle mitigation and car park management equipment in Luton.

MACH Rubber Ltd manufactures bespoke rubber products in our its manufacturing facility in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

ATT Fabrications Ltd makes outdoor buildings,  bi-fold doors,  French doors, patio doors and windows in Spennymoor.

Geosense Ltd specialises in the manufacture of vibrating wire and MEMS sensors, which are used to produce a wide range of instruments. In addition, it manufactures automated data acquisition systems to complement its sensors.

The engineers comprise:

Kelston Actuation Ltd is responsible for screw jacks, linear actuators, bevel gearboxes and electromechanical positioning solutions. Made in Bristol.

Eclipse Magnetics told us: "We make a range of magnetic separators, magnetic filters and magnetic lifting equipment at our Sheffield facility."

Crabb Engineering Ltd sub-contract manufactures components and assemblies, by turning and milling on CNC machines in Flint.

MG Industries Ltd makes conveyor systems cleaning equipment in Grimethorpe, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Fourth State manufactures ozone and nitrogen oxide (NOx) generators, based on air plasma technology (plasma, ionised gas, is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas). These gases have a wide range of antimicrobial, bioactive and chemical uses. Fourth State does this in Haslemere.

Representing the chemicals sector is Marsden Washrooms Ltd, which makes washroom dispensers and accessories, assembled on its Blackpool site.

Heron's Ghyll is responsible for fine tailoring and jersey, made in London. It joins from the clothing and apparel sector.

Representing the creative industries this week, there is Interform Manufacturing Ltd, which makes lawn edging, instrument housings for boats, various plastic mouldings for all sectors of industry and parts for movie sets.

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