Building Energy Monitoring – A Critical Component For Energy Management Plan

Building energy monitoring systems (or energy monitoring modules implemented within building management systems – BMS) should be considered mission-critical components for any energy management plan, as they can provide accurate insights into what, where, why, and how the energy is used, as well as determine whether the measures implemented as part of the plan are actually working or not (pre and post-installation monitoring).

Facilities managers around the UK face continual challenges from rising energy costs, worries about reliable energy sources, and legal requirements related to emissions and climate change regulations. These problems can be potentially sorted out by drawing up an energy management plan, which will thoroughly consider the specific requirements of the building and people using it, create the policies and processes aimed at reducing overall energy use while still meeting the aforementioned requirements and ensure that there are properly implemented and followed up.

HeatingSave BEMS – Critical Component Energy Management Plans

The HeatingSave Building Energy Monitor is a wireless management system that collects information from sensors put in a building. It is concealed and easy to install. Our system captures indoor and outdoor temperature data, together with information on how the heating system works and specifics about energy use. It also monitors the way a building is used in terms of its occupancy and the occupants’ activities and lifestyles.

Using a password-protected standard WiFi connection, sensors can quickly be set up to review and quantitatively analyse the data with user-friendly software graphics, via a laptop, PC, mobile phone, or tablet-based device. A cable connection to the building router also enables data to be uploaded to HeatingSave’s cloud storage servers, where it can be analysed by sophisticated software. This provides a clear understanding of the real impact of energy efficiency measures, for example through pre-installation analysis and post-installation monitoring.

Building owners can access their energy usage details online to help them manage energy use more efficiently. This information is presented using a dashboard system that provides consolidated and drill-down views of the energy use data.


If you’d like to find out more about the HeatingSave Building Energy Monitor and just how easily it can be deployed within any home, BOOK A DEMO, and a colleague will work you through it.

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