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Buying British manufactured products has not always been the most cost effective. However, we have always upheld our high standards of craftmanship, quality and our ability to produce goods which are built to last.  In the UK, we generally look after our employees whether that be through payment, working conditions, health plans etc, which is quite often the opposite of other countries. British manufacturing also helps to reduce our products’ carbon footprint, which, may not benefit us now directly but it will help our children and grandchildren in later years.

UK manufacturing is on the rise again with news remaining positive. The current pandemic has shown an increase in buying British products due to overseas products being difficult to obtain with extended lead times and higher transportation costs.

If you are a buyer looking for a UK manufacturer of CNC machined parts who are committed to servicing the industry and who offer short lead times, competitive pricing, great quality, unbeatable service, eco-friendly and fantastic to deal with, please feel free to contact us at anytime on 0161 474 7339 or email us at

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