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Revolutionising Networking with Custom NFC Business Cards: Continental Tyres at RTX

In the fast-paced world of networking and sales, staying ahead of the curve is essential. That’s why Continental Tyres turned to Cappd for their latest innovation at the RTX event. Our customised NFC business cards proved to be a game-changer, enhancing their networking capabilities and streamlining their data capture process.

Customised NFC Business Cards: A Game-Changer

At RTX, Continental Tyres showcased their impressive range of tyres, featuring 17 truck tyres from the renowned brands of Continental, Bandvulc, and Uniroyal. But it wasn’t just the tyres that caught everyone’s attention. Each member of the sales team was equipped with our state-of-the-art NFC business cards, linked to their bespoke, professional Cappd profile.

Showcasing Products with Ease

With a simple tap, prospective clients were directed to Continental’s showcase profile. A profile where they could explore the extensive range of tyres on display; learning more about the tyres from each brand through engaging galleries, their vast range of worldwide fleet services via embedded YouTube videos and case studies & testimonials shown off through the use of eye catching image led links. All the while, offering multiple points of contact from email, phone, and, of course, the all important custom data capture forms.

Alongside the use of NFC business cards, Continental utilised Cappd’s NFC sticker tags on each and every one of their tyre displays. Enabling them to engage customers with more in-depth information about the tyres and their vast range of services; all the while, creating more avenues and opportunities to collecting data of those interested during busy periods where sales teams aren’t able to directly engage with everyone.

This seamless integration not only highlighted their products and services effectively but also demonstrated the cutting-edge technology that Continental Tyres embraces.

Instant Data Capture for Enhanced Productivity

Gone are the days of hand-written forms and manual data entry. Our customised profiles included lead forms, enabling the sales team to capture crucial data instantly. This real-time access to important information about warm leads significantly boosted productivity and effectiveness, allowing the team to focus more on building relationships and closing deals.
Positive Feedback from the Sales Team and Prospective Clients

The feedback from the Continental Tyres sales team was overwhelmingly positive. They praised the system’s speed and ease of use, which made their job at the event much more efficient compared to their previous setup and operation at these events. Prospective clients were equally impressed by the innovative approach, appreciating the quick access to detailed product information and the modern, tech-savvy impression it created.

Continental’s Product Marketing Specialist, Katie Johnson said: “Having used the Cappd business cards at a recent trade show, our team and both visitors to our show stand were impressed at how seamlessly we were able to transfer our contact details onto potential visitors, along with how easy it was to capture the details of visitors with our bespoke lead capture form which Cappd developed specifically for our show.

Their attention to detail to meet our needs was second to none, even down to adding tick boxes to our contact form! This quick, web-based solution meant our sales team were able to action their generated leads minutes after our show finished – overall we were really impressed with this new digital system which gave us a forward-thinking, professional data capture solution, and contact sharing platform.  As if that wasn’t enough, no more printing on card which meets our sustainability objectives too!”

For the management team, access to Cappd’s web application on site meant that they were able to track the effectiveness of their sales team, identifying in real-time, the analytics each card was capturing. As a team manager you are granted access to your entire team’s data, from how many times they’ve tapped their cards, to which links are being interacted with, through to how many leads each team member has captured. Identifying this vital data in real-time meant that management were able to keep up to date with the sales team, somewhat gamifying the experience to encourage, reward and push to get the most effective outcome from an engaged, confident team.

Looking Ahead

The successful implementation of Cappd’s NFC business cards at the RTX event is just the beginning. As businesses continue to evolve, adopting new technologies like ours will be crucial in staying competitive and effective. We’re proud to partner with industry leaders like Continental Tyres, helping them streamline their processes and enhance their networking capabilities and are thrilled that they have committed to adopting Cappd as a vital tool in their sales and marketing arsenal.

By leveraging Cappd’s innovative NFC business cards, Continental Tyres not only showcased their products more effectively but also captured valuable data effortlessly. The future of networking is here, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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