CardsSafe is Made in Britain

The CardsSafe system is proudly made in Britain by UK-based manufacturers.  

CardsSafe helps the hospitality, leisure, automotive and art industries to protect their business assets while their customers trial a product or service or run a tab on or off-site. 
A group of entrepreneurs founded CardsSafe with the idea to protect assets from the beginning. Over the years, the focus naturally evolved to maximise profits for pubs, hotels and restaurants. In an age of cybercrime and identity fraud, CardsSafe also offers its customers added security for their banking and ID cards. 
An integral part of the CardsSafe unit design, which holds up to ten cards per unit, was to ensure durability, affordability and security. After a significant amount of testing using a variety of possible raw materials, the final product is made using thermoplastic polymers that do just that. 
Hardwearing, engineered for stability and low friction, the CardsSafe team and the initial manufacturers worked closely together to create a strong, yet affordable product that could be easily installed anywhere on the premises of their customers. 
It was important for the company to have a local supplier and equally important was to protect the invention, which is why, based on an issued UK Patent, additional IP protection was sought and received for both Canada and the USA.
The CardsSafe units can be placed anywhere discreetly, or in full view of customers, but they can also be mobile and do not require hard wiring. This allows clients to move the units, and their customers' cards, anywhere they see fit. The London Golf Club utilise this transportability in just this way.

Grant Rumbelow, Food and Beverage Operations Manager explains,
"CardsSafe has been a welcome addition to the London Golf Club. We utilise the system in our Golf Shop and Spike Bar, and on-course with our Drinks Buggy. With CardsSafe, we can safely store customers' cards whilst they enjoy their round of golf."

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Find out more about CardsSafe Limited on their member profile page here

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