CardsSafe is Quick & Easy to Use

If you’ve now had the CardsSafe system installed. Congrats!

If you’re considering the system for your venue, read on.

Retaining your customers’ valuable banking or ID cards is now safer than ever. CardsSafe eliminates fraud and misplacement and protects assets, for businesses and customer. It helps to increase customer spend and trust in your brand while protecting staff from any discrepancies. 

The extra good news is that the system is super easy to use and requires minimum instruction, saving you time and virtually eliminating the hassle of staff training. 

Step 1: Remove a secure drawer
Your unit will contain x10 drawers (more if you have multiple units). Remove one secure compartment from the CardsSafe unit.

Place your customer’s card inside the drawer back into the unit.

Step 2: Give your customer the key
A unique key corresponding to the compartment can now be given to your customer. Rest assured that they will know that their card will be protected and that the team can go about their business until that customer returns. 

Step 3: Return card and charge customer
When the customer returns and is ready to pay their bill or return the rented or borrowed items, simply ask them for their CardsSafe key. 

You can now unlock the drawer that corresponds to their key, and staff can complete the transaction.

Couldn’t be easier!

Find out more about CardsSafe Limited on their member profile page here

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