Carry Out Noise Assessments from a Safe Social Distance

Under the Noise at Work Regulations employers are still required to carry out workplace noise monitoring even though we are all socially distancing at work, or even working remotely. You may be wondering how you can achieve this? Pulsar Instruments offer several non-contact noise measurement solutions that are easy to use including Noise dosimeters, Noise-Activated Warning Signs, and accessories that enable you to use our Sound Level Meters at a distance.

All our products are proudly Made in Britain.

Pulsar NoisePen – a noise dosimeter that’s perfect for measuring noise exposure from a distance
One of the best things about Pulsar’s NoisePen is that you can set up a measurement schedule up to 28 days in advance. You just program the days and times of when you want the NoisePen to start and stop using your computer and then leave it in a safe place for someone to pick up, or you can even put it in the post to the employee!

Once the worker receives the NoisePen, all they have to do is put it on their shoulder, clipping It in place using the fixings provided. Then they can go about their daily work. At the end of the measurement period – be that a day or a week – the worker simply returns the dosimeter back to you.

Once you have it back, you simply download the data and using our powerful AnalyzerPlus software (included free as standard) you’ll have a professional Noise Exposure Report in no time at all.

  • Schedule measurements for up to 28 days in advance and leave out or send to employees, so you don't have to be there at all.
  • Stays with the wearer all day or week allowing you to capture, record and calculate noise exposure data for over 30 hours.
  • Easy to use, no cables, and tamper-proof, so there is no need for supervision whilst measuring.
  • No additional reader or charger needed, the worker simply clips it to their shoulder, job done!

Warn of high noise and log noise level data from a distance with our Noise-Activated Warning Signs
Protect workers' hearing from a distance with our easy to install noise-activated warning signs – Pulsar SafeEar - suitable for both indoor and outside use across a wide range of applications, from factories to construction sites. You can order an optional data logger for your Pulsar SafeEar so that you can even track noise levels for up to 22 days at a time.

  • They light up when noise levels get too high to tell your employees when they need to wear hearing PPE and when it's safe to take it off.
  • You set the noise trigger level and brightness of the signs so you can stay in control even if you're not there in person.
  • Use with a USB data logger to record and monitor noise levels over time.

Accessories for sound level meters
Our sound level meters come with a range of accessories that can help you accurately carry out workplace noise assessments from a social distance.

  • Securely fix your sound level meter to a tripod in the measurement location. You can start the measurement and then retreat to a safe distance.
  • Use a microphone extension cable with your meter. Placing the microphone where you want to measure noise, you can then retreat to a safe distance to start and stop any measurements. Extension leads come in 2, 5, 10, and 20-meter lengths.
  • Use our outdoor noise measurement kits to transform your meter into a long-term noise monitoring station. These battery-powered kits can measure noise for up to 2 weeks at a time without recharging.

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