Case Study: Virtue Projects Double Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod on patio terrace

Over the last couple of years, gardens have become a major focus as the whole nation was forced to stay within its own four walls. As a result, people started to look for ways to make the most of their garden space and for many this meant transforming it to become a blended part of the home; an indoor/outdoor room.

In 2022,  a potential client, looking to transform their garden, contacted Caribbean Blinds London based dealer, Virtue Projects, to design and construct a high-end hotel style garden. The project was to include covered outdoor spaces and subsequently, Virtue Projects selected and included the Caribbean Blinds award-winning Outdoor Living Pod selecting the Deluxe model ……..and two of them!

What was the original customer brief?

The client had a vision of creating a luxurious, high-end, hotel-like outdoor space where they would be able to host friends ‘in the garden’ all-year round. It would be a place to enjoy great food, drinks and music whilst also being a place of serenity for relaxing and unwinding. The space would need to function as an outdoor/indoor room so as to create the feeling of being outside while at the same time, being protected from the elements.

How was the outcome achieved?

The client asked for a result that exudes opulence whilst creating a wonderful alfresco home, so to achieve this ‘luxury, high-end’ feel that this project required, it would be essential to use the best quality materials and equipment. 

The right products for this project not only needed to be high quality but also have form and function, which is why the Deluxe Outdoor Living PodTM from Caribbean Blinds was the obvious choice. The dealer had every confidence that this product would enable them to achieve the desired results and the verdict was, they most certainly made the correct decision.

Why the Deluxe Outdoor Living PodTM?

This award-winning product is the most bespoke louvered roof pergola option from the Caribbean Blinds range and subsequently perfect for this project, where many bespoke elements were required. Integrated walls between the posts form the back of the outdoor kitchen, complete with extractor fan and outdoor seating area with windproof screens shielding the open sides without blocking the view when the weather is inclement. Added to this, ambient lighting sets the mood while infra-red heaters keep the chill away when the cold sets in. This structure really is the most flexible and adaptable within the range. Not forgetting its key feature of large 21cm wide roof louvers that rotate through 150 degrees, allowing the user to play with light and shade and when closed, are completely water, wind and even snow tight.

How has the client's overall space transformed as a result?

The results are stunning and exactly what the client had envisaged and more. A beautiful space was created that can be used all year round, from cold and crisp winters to baking hot summers, and the client now has a dream garden area to relax in and entertain friends while being protected from the elements. By opting for two of the Deluxe Outdoor Living Pods, the client has opened up a whole new garden space where they can now create great memories. 

The project commenced in August 2022 and took four weeks to complete.

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