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I’m sure most will agree that memories of changing room facilities in secondary schools are not the fondest. Whilst discussing the topic at Cabinlocator HQ, the most common words used to describe school changing rooms were damp, dank, and smelly. This is the shared opinion of our employees, ranging in age from their early twenties to late fifties.

At Cabinlocator we think it’s about time that school changing rooms got a new reputation!

As with all projects Cabinlocator work on, the team take due care and attention to fulfil our customers brief and create the space they require.

Discussing changing room facility requirements with a group of secondary school PE teachers was insightful. Below is a list of what would make a quality and effective changing room.

  • Well ventilated

Ventilation in changing rooms helps prevent the space from getting damp (and feeling gross). The wet and humid nature of the environment and constant use throughout the day means good ventilation is a top priority.

  • Lots of dry storage space

Plenty of hooks, fixed benches and shelving to store students clothing and belongings is a necessity. Because of the constant use of the area, the facilities don’t have much dry space, meaning if student clothing fall on the floor it is dirty, soggy, and unusable for the day.

  • PIR lighting

Passive infrared sensors are activated once movement is detected. This will save the school energy and money for times the area is not in use.

  • Push taps/showers

Push taps are a cost-effective solution to reduce water consumption and improve and maintain hygiene. They also remove the risk of accidental flooding and water being left running forgetfully. Showers aren’t utilised by the students and can be considered a waste of valuable space but having an option available with a push tap can be useful.

  • Passive monitoring space for staff

Having a ‘blind’ area for a member of staff to monitor without physically watching the students in the changing room is a benefit for all parties to feel more at ease in the environment.

  • Toilets with cubicles and additional changing space

Some students do not want to change in-front of their peers and would rather use a cubical, having access to toilets and other space to change is important for many youngsters whilst at secondary school.

  • Storage 

Additional space is always desirable within a school setting, especially for bulky sports kit.

We have taken the criteria and created a space that we believe will meet a lot of secondary school changing room boxes.

At Cabinlocator we work closely with our clients to design bespoke buildings. We can organise visits to your site and discuss your requirements in full.

Call us today on 01757 282319, or chat live to us at and a member of our friendly team will help you with all portable cabin or modular building enquiries.

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