Choosing the right absorbent

A robust spill control procedure will include a variety of equipment; spill kits, drain blockers, absorbents, containment booms, wipes and more. When a spill or leak occurs then time is of the essence to protect your premises, workers and the environment.

Do you know what the different absorbent products are used for?

Designed to allow you to deal with minor leaks, drips and spills.

Allows you to run out a long length of absorbent quicker than placing individual pads down.

Ideal for cleaning up after a large spill or under leaking taps or valves.

Contains and absorbs the liquid stopping it from spreading and becoming a slip hazard or damaging the environment.

Ideal for containing and absorbing large spills.

Why are Spill Kits and Absorbents in different colours?
The colours help employees respond to a spill quickly and clean it up safely. It also alerts workers of the spill type.

Will absorb oil or oil-based liquid but repel water.

Suitable for use on water, coolant, cutting fluid, oils, fuels and mild solvent.

Will absorb almost any liquid making them ideal for situations when you are unsure what the spilt liquid is.

Still not sure what you want, check out our Spill Control Guide.

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