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THE PURPOSE of Made in Britain is to help members sell more of what they make, both here in Britain and overseas. Our four pillars of expertise – sales, marketing, exports and PR – are to remind everyone working on membership service exactly where our focus must be. These pillars also help members to help each other, by signposting where their insights can be made available as shared content and peer-to-peer learning.  When MiB marketers share knowledge within membership, they know far more about selling manufactured goods than most – and that in turn is more valuable to members, whatever they are making.

This year, as home and export markets become more complex, challenging and competitive, a sales strategy that balances growth with longevity is vital. Selling more now by offering a lower price reduces your margin and has an effect on future profitability. Manufacturers don’t tend to take short-term views on anything, so selling more is an important strategic decision and a tactical one.

Manufacturers have unique selling points in abundance. Running a factory full of skilled people making things here in Britain is something only a few thousand businesses can boast. Marketing that unique selling point and telling your story with a recognition of the past but with a vision of the future is a careful balancing act in press relations and internal PR. How many other product makers can boast ‘proximity’ in their list of reasons to purchase?

Businesses that want to be the best make a massive difference to the local and national well-being. They strive to make the workplace and the natural environment as near to perfect as is possible. They collaborate with suppliers and their customers, so the public and press relations are coherent, transparent and relentlessly positive.

Selling your Made in Britain products overseas, as so many of our members do, comes with the added responsibility of preparing them to be brand ambassadors, carrying your mark to communicate your values to 1000s of end users in other countries. When exporting, the MiB values of quality, uniqueness, innovation, excellence and transparency all work together to create a vision for the future of British manufacturing that never ignores how far it has come, and looks forward to making things better tomorrow.     

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