Collaboration between AllSfär & MF Design Studio shortlisted for Mix Award

AllSfär launched an exciting collection of acoustic wall coverings created in collaboration with MF Design Studio at The Workspace Design Show in London this February. The Collection includes three ranges and three colour palettes and has recently been shortlisted for a Mix Interiors Magazine surface product of the year award.

Through vibrant colours and dynamic patterns, this exciting collection looks to bring character, fun and energy to any space and includes three colour palettes; REJUVENATE, REFRESH and REFINE and three pattern ranges; RHYTHMIC, LINEAR and SCULPTED. The Rhythmic patterns consist of dynamic v-cut designs reflecting motion whilst the Linear range is inspired by wood panelling adding a modern twist with three designs, and the Sculpted range is more contemporary, playing with light and shadow to create a unique set of 3D wall tiles. 

Three colour palettes are also a part of the collection, the first palette Rejuvenate launched in February and the other two, Refresh and Refine will be launched later in the year. All these palettes use more muted tones for a sophisticated look. 

 All the acoustic wall surfaces are manufactured using 60% recycled PET felt, with an average of 280 used plastic bottles in each panel. This is a part of AllSfär's commitment to sustainability - turning waste into something useful. 


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