Composite insulated panel maker Hemsec achieves Made in Britain accreditation

ONE of the UK’s largest and longest-standing insulated panel manufacturers has been granted membership to the Made in Britain organisation. Hemsec has been making composite insulated panels at Prescot on Merseyside since 1928, when the company was formed by Cyril Hemmings to produce insulated cabinets for a local ice cream business.

Today Hemsec supplies a range of markets, including structural insulated panels to the construction industry. Everything it manufactures either keeps cold air inside a structure, or firmly shuts it out and the company remains true to its values of quality, responsibility, trust and partnerships.

Hemsec’s Owen Jones told Made in Britain, “What we manufacture supports the safety and wellbeing of people, and the sustainability of the planet. It really matters that our customers and end users feel total confidence in our products. We’ve been manufacturing since 1928 and have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to our people, our planet and the ability to sustain our business through profit.”

The company is proud of its heritage and its commitment to British manufacturing. The business remains family-owned, and has been told that it is its family values that set it apart from most manufacturers in its markets.

“We support and demonstrate the values of British manufacturing in our work, and the fact that our products are made in Britain and can be trusted, really matters to us. We distribute throughout Europe and it’s important that we help keep the British flag flying,” said Owen. “We’ve joined Made in Britain as an expression of our long-term internationalism, and the quality of products delivered by British manufacturing. We are always looking to collaborate with international supply chain partners and where we can both support, and be supported by, our UK colleagues then we welcome this camaraderie. As Britain is one of the world's leading nations driving carbon neutrality, we want to demonstrate that we are part of this.”

Find out more about Hemsec from its members’ directory profile page here and its website here.

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