Corporate Planting - Not Just a Trend

Trends come and go but some need to stay and become permanent features. Office and corporate planting or biophilic design as it is now referred to, will hopefully become a permanent feature in the near future. Many studies have revealed the positive mental and physical health benefits workplace planting can have on employees, reducing sick days and increasing productivity (which is clearly an employer's dream). Additionally, we should not ignore the benefits of external planting whether it be outside an office, restaurant or hotel. As we build more and reduce our natural green spaces, it is important that we replenish plants that absorb carbon dioxide and also attract pollinators. Sustainability is important to us at Metal Office (check out our green credentials) so we are in the process of producing a range of versatile, stylish and contemporary planters that will support both internal wellbeing and external eco-renewal. They will be available in our standard RAL colours but we will also offer a custom service which will include a wide selection of colours, sizes and punched/laser cut designs and castors. And finally, our last word goes to our own Ed Arnold who has brought our planter ideas to life with his amazing artwork. Here are a few of his sketches.

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