Crafting harmony in unique log house interior

Nestled amidst the embrace of natural log walls, this unique log house stands as a testament to the owner’s passion for hunting.

The challenge was to create an interior that reflects the rugged charm of the outdoors while infusing innovative solutions to enhance the house’s distinctiveness. We spoke to Laura from FORMstudio to discuss their latest project ‘House of the hunter’, where timber and cold, rough materials meet warm Amalfine™ and soft luxurious leather.

Embracing the wilderness

The ground floor of this log house is a haven for leisure and relaxation. Timber walls dominate the space, setting the stage for a clean, rough, yet practical interior. Concrete, metal, rivets, and micro cement  finishes create a robust atmosphere. Leather-clad upholstered furniture and Turnstyle’s bespoke leather cabinet pulls adds sophistication to the rugged surroundings.

The living room, kitchen, and dining area blend seamlessly from the consistent ascetic throughout, while a sauna with an anteroom and en-suite bathroom provide a retreat for rejuvenation. Utility rooms complete the ensemble, each element meticulously chosen to enhance the practicality of the space.


Wooden elegance

Ascend to the first floor, where the log house undergoes a transformation. While logs remain a structural accent, the walls are smooth using micro cement, offering a stylish contrast to the ground floor’s striking timber design.

Carved parquet flooring, in a warm beige hue, mirrors the colour palette of the log walls below. The rhythmic pattern of the parquet extends to the invisible style recessed doors, bound together by vertical riveted metal bands. Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms complete the first-floor layout, a serene sanctuary where the essence of nature meets refined elegance.


The devil is in the details, and in this log house, every detail is meticulously curated for harmony. Door handles and furniture pulls echo the marriage of metal and leather, creating a unified aesthetic. Wire design grips were chosen throughout the kitchen utility areas, enhancing the metal and industrial look.

The repetition of small accents, from the rivets to the parquet pattern, weaves a thread of continuity throughout the space. It’s a symphony of elements that pays homage to the owner’s pastime while elevating the interior to a level of unparalleled uniqueness.

“I wanted integrity to prevail in the project. Turnstyle design has a large selection of handles so we managed to match the handles beautifully for both furniture and doors. I also wanted elements of natural metal colour and brown leather to within this project, both in the furniture and small details i.e. in the handles. Thus the handles become a very beautiful accent of the furniture.” Laura KrivienÄ—, FORM Studio

In the heart of the log house, where timber walls and sleek industrial materials meet, a harmonious blend of rugged practicality and refined elegance unfolds. The log house stands not just as a dwelling but as a living testament to the artistry of crafting a home that is both unique and deeply rooted in the owner’s identity.

"I chose to use Turnstyle Designs because of the unique handle design, large selection of products and high quality of them. The interior is dominated by many unique solutions and natural materials such as wood, metal and natural leather, therefore, Turnstyle handles were perfect for this interior concept"

Laura KrivienÄ—, Interior Architect FORM Studio

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