CU Phosco Lighting Contracts Director appointed the next President of the HEA

On the 29th October 2020, at the 10th Highway Electrical Association (HEA) Annual General Meeting, Bob Gaskell, CU Phosco Lighting's Contracts Director, was announced as the next President, taking over the position from Mick Leech.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the AGM, which is usually held in Wales, took place via webinar.

Bob commented:

"Firstly, thank you to all those who helped to elect me and to Mick for his hard work over the last year. With great honour, I continue the tradition of CU Phosco Lighting in supporting the HEA and the industry as a whole, CU Phosco Lighting was one of the founding members of ASLEC, which amalgamated with HEMSA to become the HEA. 

I am passionate about the people involved in our industry. I feel that we need to continue to raise the standard of operative skills and further improve the level of competency of our next generation of supervisors, managers, and leaders. Through this, we can aspire to exceed the existing markets' requirements and aid access to new ones.

I know first-hand that we have been and still are going through challenging times, but it is a tribute to the industry how we have adopted and adapted to meet these challenges.

With my vast experience in contracting and manufacturing/supply, I feel that I will add value to the HEA to better the highways electrical industry and, notably, to the HEA and all its members. So, rest assured, I will do my utmost to meet the exacting standards set by my predecessors."

A well-known figure in the lighting industry, Bob has vast experience with design, manufacture, installation, and highways electrical equipment maintenance. He has served as CU Phosco Lighting's Contracts Director for the last 21 years.

Established in 2011, the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) is a trade association with a history expanding over 65 years.

More about Bob

As CU Phosco Lighting’s Contracts Director, Bob actively participates in the direction of the business through the management board. As a strong motivator, he leads a team that delivers high mast installation and maintenance projects throughout the UK, working in many diverse environments, spanning from highways and sports stadia to airports and ports.

His no-nonsense attitude, analytical approach, and a keen interest in environmental and safety issues ensure that the company complies with current legislation. He has served on the HEA council for five years and until recently on the H&S committee. 

More about the HEA

The HEA was formed by the amalgamation of ASLEC (The Association of Signal, Lighting, and other highway electrical contractors) and HEMSA (The Highway Electrical Manufacturers and Suppliers Association). The HEA is one of the largest and most influential bodies within the sector, representing over 100 organisations whose contract services range from street lighting and traffic signals to highway communications. In addition, the HEA represents HEA-HEMSA members who design, manufacture, assemble, supply, and distribute equipment into the highway electrical sector.

Find out more about the HEA here:

Fid out more about CU Phosco Lighting on their member profile page here

Find out more about CU Phosco Lighting on their member profile page here

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