Real-time Brighton air quality dashboard goes live

SOUTH Coast Science puts all its thinking inside the (Praxis/Urban) box, so you can attend to air quality outside the box.

The Made in Britain member has now sited one of its air quality monitors at a busy Brighton intersection and is inviting fellow members to log-in to the device's online dashboard and see the results for themselves. The idea is to show potential customers how easy it is to start measuring air quality remotely.

To start measuring all you have to do is attach your Praxis unit to a lamppost and pull out the starting pin. You can access the data feed immediately on connection with a mobile network. 

Accessing your data is equally straightforward: test our demo dashboard for Brighton traffic hot-spot Preston Circus, to see this for yourself.

Think outside the box: access a live dashboard 

Once your Praxis device is returning measurements, what data do you get? We’ve installed an instrument at Preston Circus in Brighton about 200m from the seafront, with a publicly accessible data dashboard. We invite anyone with an interest in robust air quality data to visit this URL and see real-time measurements from one of Brighton’s traffic hotspots. To do so is as simple as setting up a Praxis device: log in with the details supplied below.

Don’t forget to click on the ‘Show Reported’ button on the particulates page. This will bring up the raw (reported) sensor data which can then be compared against the interpreted (corrected) data.
password: Science123

Once logged in, click ‘South Coast Science (Demo)’. Once the new page opens click ‘Topics’ and you’ll see a list of four topics. The last word for each hyperlink tells you where to go: …/status; …/climate; …/gases; …/particulates.

Smart design for simple air quality monitoring 

Praxis units were developed in collaboration with the UN to offer accurate data, quickly and easily. Operating for long periods, with minimal support, in harsh environments was a given. 

South Coast Science aims to make it easy for customers to do exactly what they need: be it measuring particulates, gasses or a combination; as a stand-alone unit or complimentary to their existing systems. 

Use the default dashboard, as in the link above, or plug air quality data into your own infrastructure using our open-source software. Through a set of very simple choices, it’s possible to customise the system according to your needs. 

For more information about the Praxis/Urban (for ambient air quality applications) or it’s even simpler sibling, the Praxis/OPCube (ideal for low-cost screening, construction dust and local authority investigations) contact South Coast Science. 

Find out more about South Coast Science on their member profile page here

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