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From our members feedback, we know that one of the many reasons manufacturing businesses join Made in Britain is to meet and interact with new buyers of their product, as well as network with them to find potential new suppliers. Whilst our digital manufacturing/software category is not the largest (22 members) it is without doubt a sector that should never be overlooked within our membership directory as it grows. Set aside some time to click through to learn more about this vital contribution to British manufacturing sector growth. 
Our chief executive, John Pearce will be visiting Digital Manufacturing Week (DMW) in Liverpool on Wednesday, 16th November to speak to, amongst others, Carl Cridland and Jonathan Orme at Exel Computer Systems, one of the very first members of Made in Britain making a digitally defined product. 
“Digital makers bring industry 4.0 to life. We provide those vital software tools so that every business making something physical can make the transition to a future-proof digital environment affordably and appropriately. Exel are very proud to use the Made in Britain mark on all their printed and digital media, including with a prominent position in our advertising to tell the community we will be at DMW. We will be delighted to demonstrate how our two main products, EFACS E/8, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package and Eagle Field Service management software can help any manufacturing business make more efficiently and more profitably.”

 Carl Cridland, senior marketing executive, Exel.

Find out more about how we define Made in Britain eligibility for our software makers. Take a look at our current list of software and digital members.
If you’d like to attend any of the five days of DMW, you can click here. You can contact our CEO, John Pearce to arrange a time meet up here: or call 07592 129818 

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