Discover the Ease and Accuracy of Hardness Testing with the Latest Technology and Innovative Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your hardness testing with precise and efficient metallographic specimen preparation – the key to revealing the true structure and quality of your metal samples.

Hardness testing is a crucial procedure for a diverse range of applications, including research in universities, production of automotive and aerospace components, and assessment of coatings and case hardness treatments. It is essential to determine the hardness of materials in order to ensure the quality and reliability of the end products.

However, with such a vast array of applications, there is a plethora of hardness testing machines available in the market, which can be overwhelming and confusing to choose from. Moreover, the cost of purchasing a hardness tester can be significantly higher than the cost of a complete suite of sample preparation equipment and consumables.

To simplify the process of hardness testing, it is crucial to understand that the testing is usually conducted in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards, which dictate the calculation of sample hardness and calibration of the testing unit.

In light of this, Kemet is proud to announce the launch of its Duroline series of hardness testers. These benchtop hardness testers are designed for Vickers and Knoop measurements, and come equipped with an integrated 22” full HD multi-touch monitor. The N-sure software package is user-friendly and offers automatic multi-measurement options when coupled with the automated x/y stage. The software also includes built-in CHD, EHT, and NHT measurement functions for accurate results, and can automatically generate test reports.

The Duroline series of hardness testers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including material testing laboratories and smaller component production quality assurance departments. With a range of models that can accommodate test loads from HV0.01 to HV30, the Duroline hardness testers are ideal for testing small precision parts, thin materials, or wire coatings.

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