Dudley Associates A ‘One-Stop-Shop’ For Your Plastic Injection Moulding & Toolmaking Requirements

Let’s talk about ‘Why Us?’

We are an owner-managed business with the owners actively involved on a day-to-day basis. With over 30 years’ of experience, Dudley Associates can meet all of your precision mould tooling and plastic injection moulding needs. We provide an all-encompassing service that satisfies all requirements.

We have tremendous client retention and repeat business levels; because we are reliable and approachable.

We’ve helped countless clients design and create their bespoke injection moulding tools or transfer their existing tools to us from abroad. As well as providing injection moulding services to a wide range of industries, including automotive, Defence & aerospace, Oil Gas & Marine, Medical, construction & safety, Packaging & Security and electronics, Household & Leisure.

We are proud to be British Manufacturers of Plastic Injection Moulding and Tooling and being able to supply the highest quality plastic parts to our customers.

Other than the above, there are many reasons why we are proud to be British made, one of these being the ability to work together as one team, through many different departments, smoothly and efficiently.

There are lots of companies based in the Uk that outsource their manufacturing to low-cost countries- such as China. But what is the true cost of this and how does this impact the customer?

Without going into detail – what does low-cost really mean? Yes, there may be a reduction in cost of manufacture, but with the added taxes, duty, and customs – How much of a saving is made?

A ‘One-Stop-Shop’

Our tooling and moulding operations are all in-house. There is no grey area to be the subject of dispute and delay. We can move a mould tool from completion to initial samples within minutes.

With the focus on reshoring manufacturing back to the UK, and If all aspects are taken into account, we are able to offer a lower cost and quicker turnaround. Bear in mind shipping times and expense when manufactured overseas, (sea freight vs air freight) and the additional costs if someone is sent to assess first, or additional, sampling.

Having all facilities on-site enables the customer to gain control over costs, traceability, and gives us full accountability.

Originally based in one unit, in Lutterworth in the heart of the UK, over the past few years, we have tripled in size and are now spread over three units – side by side.

Unit 3 houses our sales and admin teams, Goods inwards/out, our quality team, and our toolroom.

Unit 4 houses our mouldshop with extensive facilities. With machines ranging from 35 to 350 Tonnes and our class 8 cleanroom.

And Unit 5 houses our Röders Automated CNC Production Cell, which consists of two different sized Röders CNC machines, RXP500 and RXP801, and a fully automated robotic system.

To have all departments on-site, working alongside each other, only adds to an already highly proficient working environment. We are able to move our customer’s projects from the design stage to manufacture and delivery, quickly and efficiently.

A vast choice of materials.. and the expert knowledge to assist you to make the right choice

We will always use the type and grade of material agreed and have the expertise to assist with the decision on the most appropriate material for your project, taking into account the usual – strength, additives needed, etc, and also considering sustainability.

And a bit different…

We are a little unusual for a UK plastics manufacturer as we actually make components which we ship to a few different locations and customers in Asia – using some unusual and challenging materials with exceptional ratings in conductivity and functionally extreme temperature ranges!

Throughout the duration of your project, upon completion and beyond, we provide full account management, giving you full transparency of order progress and more, from design to production.

So that’s why Dudley’s is your first choice plastic injection moulding and tooling provider. Why not Find out how our in house toolmaking & injection moulding experts can assist you too.

Email: Sales@dudleyassociates.com

Tel: 01455 558825

Mob: 07754 857071

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