Eco Charger - the challenges of exporting during COVID

Exporting through COVID – New markets for Eco Charger Quads
Eco Charger Quads, the UK’s leading designers/manufacturers of Electric All-Terrain Vehicles (E-ATV’s) like so many vehicle manufacturers are busy adapting to the new COVID business environment.
Following the recent launch of their three new ‘Lithium Powered’ quad bikes in February, the company saw an upsurge of interest and enquiries into their unique range of E-ATV’s. 
Unfortunately, this also coincided with the COVID 19 Pandemic taking hold in the UK and the wider world!
The company now faces the challenge of supporting any sales enquiries – it being virtually impossible in the home market to organise demonstrations at customer locations or attend trade fairs and exhibitions.
Despite these severe restrictions and set-backs Eco Charger continue to enjoy a buoyant export market not only through their expanding network of distributors but directly to individual customers.
A recent example being– an estate owner in Lithuania, who has just received his new ‘top of the range’ Lithium Prestige 4WD quad, fresh out the packing case and ready to go once he has read the operators manual!
Eco-Charger's General Manager, Jon Hourihan comments, "Although the UK market remains difficult to service at present, although not impossible, we are fortunate in having a backlog of export orders to fulfil, increasingly from new markets as we expand our marketing and distribution network. What we’ve noticed is a real swell of interest from the Baltic States, which is excellent for us.

"The difference here with individual customers is that we’d normally be delivering the vehicles in person or via our dealerships - training up the clients and operators on optimum use and maintenance procedures etc. 
"This Prestige E-ATV arrived in a packaging case and our normal induction process has had to be via a ‘user-friendly’ operators guide, email, telephone and ZOOM!
In the spirit of flexible adaptation, we are already producing a comprehensive new vehicle induction video that will accompany all our new Quads and be available throughout our dealerships."

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