Ecotile projects in South Korea

Kwanghoon Enterprise have been the partners of Ecotile Flooring in South Korea since 2017.  In that time they have sold over 6000m2 of our interlocking floor tiles to two of South Korea’s most important companies – Hankook Tyres and Shinsegae Engineering & Construction.

At Hankook Tyres Ecotile was installed over the factory floor in all the production areas. Manufacturing tyres creates a particularly harsh environment due to the chemicals and processes required and the existing floor was damaged and uneven. Preparing it so that it was sufficiently even and chemical-free to be able to install an epoxy coating would have been extremely time consuming and expensive. It would also have been necessary to stop production which was not an option as the company would have lost thousands of dollars each day. Laying our Ecotile interlocking floor tiles with minimal preparation to the substrate was the perfect solution for Hankook Tyres as they could continue production while the floor was laid. Pirelli Tyres has also used our tiles at their production facilities in the UK and Russia (trading as LLC IC Kirov Tyre).

Shinsegae Engineering & Construction are supplying Ecotile for a completely different kind of project. They are working with E-Land Retail who are one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea and whose businesses include shopping centres, restaurants, theme parks, hotels and construction businesses as well as its core fashion business. It has operations worldwide through its subsidiary E-Land World and in 2015 founded a professional football club based in Seoul called Seoul E-Land FC.

That two such contrasting companies in the industrial and commercial sectors should both be customers of Ecotile illustrates perfectly the versatility and flexibility of our product. Over the last 24 years we have laid Ecotile in factories, warehouses, schools, gyms, art galleries, retail outlets, aircraft hangars and even in submarines. Whatever your flooring problem, Ecotile interlocking floor tiles can probably solve it, which is why have so many loyal customers all over the world.

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