Ecotile takes industrial flooring underwater

Submarines cost their owners money when they are laid up in dock for any length of time. When Mermaid Subsea Services in Thailand needed new flooring for one of its vessels, the company was looking at a considerable loss of revenue.

Then they discovered Ecotile, interlocking PVC floor tiles made in Luton. Ecotiles are suitable for use in factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, offices, schools, gyms, commercial properties and many other applications, as the submariners in Thailand have demonstrated.

In most commercial environments the time and need for a professional fitter can dramatically increase the cost of installing a new floor. Ecotile solves this problem with its simple interlocking design that allows the tiles to be loose laid over any hard surface including uneven, damp and contaminated substrates without the need for adhesive or repairs.

Mermaid Subsea Services bought 23 square metres of 6mm hidden joint tiles in blue after the maintenance team discovered that laying the floor could be done by the submariners themselves when they were back out at sea. Considering the heat and cramped conditions on a submarine, this shows just how easy Ecotile is to install.

Ecotile has been a member of Made in Britain for just over a year. The company feels it’s very important to get the message out about all the incredibly successful and innovative manufacturing businesses there are in the UK.

By sharing its story of flooring for submarines in Thailand, Ecotile is certainly helping to do that. For more information about Ecotile, visit:

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