Ellutia wins Another Award for our Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser (ATNA) at the Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards

Ellutia recently won Another Award for our Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser (ATNA) at the Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards.

Here’s how the ATNA was presented at the awards:

Automated Total Nitrosamines Analyser

A system to rapidly analyze a sample’s total (carcinogenic) nitrosamine content

Nitrosamines are carcinogenic compounds that can be found and formed in many products, and their presence has been a particular issue in the pharmaceutical industry of late. Traditional approaches to the analysis, such as by mass spec, have been challenged by the low detection levels required. Ellutia’s system combines chemical reaction targeting of nitrosamine compounds with a highly selective and sensitive detector to give a single result for the total nitrosamine content.

Potential impact 

This system helps alleviate the nitrosamine bottleneck in the pharma industry by rapidly screening almost any sample type for nitrosamine content. Because both volatile and non-volatile nitrosamines are measured concurrently, only positive samples need passing to more time-consuming speciated analysis. And though the current focus of nitrosamine analysis is on the pharmaceutical industry, other sectors, such as medical materials or implants, may be affected in the future.

What the judges say… 

“There is a need to measure nitrosamine compounds in pharmaceuticals as they are potentially carcinogenic. This fills this gap nicely.”

“Important technology for the safety of pharmaceuticals – and possibly more in the future – while yielding a reduction of analysis costs.”

The fully automated solution allows for rapid testing of apparent total nitrosamine content (ATNC) and has the right selectivity and sensitivity, so it can quickly identify whether or not nitrosamines are present down to 1ppb levels.

The ATNA provides fast, precise, and reliable results without requiring testing to be outsourced at different stages of the manufacturing process. It is comprised of Ellutia’s 800 series Thermal Energy Analyser (TEA), the industry standard for nitrosamine detection, interfaced to an autosampler configured to perform the chemical reactions and a bespoke inlet to introduce the sample to the TEA detector.

Andrew James, managing director at Ellutia Ltd, commented “We are really proud to earned further recognition about our new system. It will help us raise further awareness throughout the lab industry.”

Visit https://www.ellutia.com/automated-total-nitrosamine-analyser to learn more.

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