Emily Auckland recognises the sustainable role manufacturers play

Greenhouse Gas emissions from the manufacturing and construction industries have been slowly declining in the UK. In 2018 they made up 12% of the UK’s total Greenhouse Gas emissions, of which manufacturing represented 90%. To see off the worst effects of climate change we need to reduce global emissions by 43% by 2030 – at the moment national commitments globally indicate a 14% increase in this time. 
To reach this ambitious but necessary target, we will need to create a massive shift in the way we make and consume goods. The manufacturing industry has work to do and will no doubt face many challenges along the way.
Sustainability is not just about climate change. It’s also about defending nature, which we rely on just as much as a stable climate, while creating a fair and just future for both current and future generations. I was once told by John Pearce, Made in Britain members are invested in their communities and care about the legacy they’re leaving behind. There is therefore a clear connection between the responsibility members feel and the steps they might be taking to become a sustainable business. 
The Made in Britain Impact Awards offer a chance to recognise the important role manufacturers play in driving progress towards a sustainable future by celebrating those leading the way. We need inspiring stories to turn seemingly impossible and often overwhelming challenges into something actionable. I’m hopeful the stories from nominees will help us all increase our levels of ambition and renew our commitment to a better future. 

The awards are open to all members. To enter, read the criteria and email info@madeinbritain.org to enter. 

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