The Engineering sector leads the new members

This week we welcome four new members to Made in Britain:

The Engineering sector leads the way this week. The first member joining the Engineering sector this week is ST Machinery Sales Ltd who make conveyors and other machinery. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark on their website and email signatures.  

The second member joining the Engineering sector is PREMIER PATTERNS & CASTINGS LTD who make patterns for castings. They plan to use the mark on their premises and packaging.

Nautic Engineering Limited are also joining the Engineering sector. They manufacture pressure relief and vacuum relief valves and subcontract precision machining and fabrication. They will be using the mark on their website, data sheets and promotional materials.  

To end this week’s round up, Value Stream Machinery Ltd are the final member to join the Engineering sector. They are manufactures of many different products, from bespoke one-off items to conveyors, gantries, and depositors, to right up complete production lines that dispense, measure and seals pots. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark on all items fabricated and manufactured at their site.

From everyone at Made in Britain, we would like to welcome our new members. We look forward to seeing your Members’ News Stories and your products in the Members’ Product Directory.

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