Envirotect installs specialist RF cage with sloping roof

Envirotect has been involved in the installation of an RF Cage at a challenging site.

The design incorporated a sloping roof to the existing building, which needed to be replicated in the RF Cage design.

Envirotect says the successful installation was due to the fact that the company visits site at least once to verify the conditions and dimensions.  Accurate drawings of the RF Cage are created prior to manufacture for approval by the customer.

Envirotect’s Kevin York designed and created a 3D drawing of the complex roof structure.  He said “It was imperative to get the design of the RF cage’s sloping roof correct as it would be difficult to amend the design once the panels are manufactured.  Creating a 3D drawing of the complex roof structure helped us to envisage any problems we may encounter and provide solutions prior to manufacture of the bespoke angles in our RF panels.”

Framework for the cage was manufactured in panels at Envirotect’s premises in Leighton Buzzard, where it was partly constructed to ensure that the integrity of the RF shielding was maintained.  The panels were then transported to site and moved into position where small adjustments were made before final installation. 

Envirotect also manufacture and supplies products such as lead lined door sets, x-ray screens, observation windows, lead vinyl and lead glass.

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