Envirotect Manager produces 100 face shields by hand during furlough

Envirotect’s operations manager, Nigel Payne, has been putting his time in furlough to good use by making essential PPE for the NHS, since his wife Amanda mentioned that local schools and companies had been using laser cutters or 3D printers to make face shields.

With years of experience in the joinery industry Nigel’s technical mind got to work and he set up a workshop on his dining room table.  He had looked at designs online, but they did not suit the materials to hand so he adjusted the designs slightly to incorporate the materials available.  He said: “I made a jig with pieces of plywood and used a hot plate to heat up the plastic strips. I then used a hot glue gun and double sided tape to assemble the pieces.”

Amanda added “I work for Barnardo’s, which is affiliated with child and adolescent mental health services in Aylesbury and, through mu contacts, we found a happy recipient for the donations Oxford Health."

Find out more about Envirotect Limited on its Made in Britain member profile page


Find out more about Envirotect Limited on their member profile page here

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