ESSE celebrates 170 years of manufacturing in Britain

Celebrating 170 years of ESSE Cooker engineering, craft & innovation.

ESSE has produced this short video to offer a glimpse into the hidden world behind ESSE Electric Range Cooker manufacturing and the determination it takes to make them.

Highly skilled engineers and craftsmen apply their knowledge and precision to produce the finest cookers. Hand-built in Britain using high-quality British cast iron (Thomas Dudley foundry) and steel, along with a mix of traditional and innovative product techniques, ESSE Cookers find their way to family homes across the world, taking with them a legacy of excellence.

The factory footage presents the build of the ESSE 1000 X Electric Range Cooker from preparation and fabrication to assembly, testing, and despatch.

To discover the full range of products manufactured at ESSE Engineering in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, visit -

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Find out more about ESSE Engineering Ltd. on their member profile page here

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