ESSE to showcase flagship Ironheart Stove in Shanghai

MASTER stove maker and pioneer member of Made in Britain, ESSE has shipped one of its best-selling Ironheart cooking stoves out to Shanghai, where it will appear at the Green Architecture and Construction Expo later this month.

 The stove will be exhibited by ESSE’s local partner – Nanjing-based Peenker Fireplace – who will then install the Ironheart at its showroom, where it will take pride of place among a large display of stoves and fireplaces from other leading European and US brands. Peenker is Exhibiting at the Shanghai Expo, which is expected to attract thousands of visitors from across the Asia-Pacific region.

Peenker Fireplace proprietor Jason Jin said:

“ESSE cooking stoves are very special and the Ironheart is unique. We think ESSE stoves will be very attractive to affluent customers with second homes located in off-grid areas in the countryside.

“After the Shanghai Expo, our fully operational Ironheart will be installed in Peenker’s showroom, where staff will demonstrate its cooking prowess to potential customers, designers and architects. We will also serve food cooked on the Ironheart so our clients can taste the ESSE difference.”

By hosting regular fireplace demonstrations to introduce the latest models to customers, Peenker is aiming to raise awareness, drive domestic demand and improve product knowledge.

Realising that professional installation services are important to premium customers, Peenker Fireplace adopted a ‘product + services’ approach to the customer, placing equal emphasis on sales, installation and after care.

Every stove sold is installed by an in-house team, not only in Nanjing, but nationwide. Peenker follows UK HETAS standards and uses flue pipes and twin-wall stainless steel chimney parts up to BS EN 1856-1-2010 standard. In addition to installation, Peenker provides clients with associatedservices – including chimney sweeping, firewood supply, maintenance and even retrofit.

Consumer education is critical to Peenker. Potential customers need to learn how to distinguish quality and understand the importance of combustion efficiency.

ESSE will be sharing some of their export knowledge at the Made in Britain Workshop later this year.

For further information, or additional images, please contact ESSE:

01282 813235 | and the MiB Directory Page


ESSE products have been manufactured in Britain since 1854 and ESSE has been at the forefront of technological development in the field of heating and cooking for more than 160 years. ESSE heating products are some of the cleanest-burning and most sustainable heating appliances available and are exported around the world to customers as far away as Canada, Japan and Australia.

The Ironheart is ESSE’s best-selling cooking stove, featuring a generous oven, roomy hob with double ‘dog bone’ hotplate and a clear view into the firebox through the glass door. Capable of cooking extensive meals for a large family, the Ironheart will also heat a large kitchen and provide hot water if required, making it the perfect solution for providing warmth and sustenance in ‘off-grid’ country retreats.

 Every ESSE heating or cooking appliance is hand-built by skilled metalworkers in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.


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