Evidence and Efficiency Enhancements with Latest PSL Datatrack Release

The 2021 PSL Datatrack production control software release is now available to both new and existing users. This latest version focusses on enhancements to the evidence and efficiency capabilities of the system alongside greater accuracy, scheduling and usability.

Many of the additions in the update result from submissions made by customers to PSL Datatrack’s Wishlist programme, with the rest being original developer concepts. Each Wishlist submission is logged and assessed for how it would benefit the client concerned – and other users – then PSL will look to integrate the feature in a future version.

Of the ideas submitted by the user base, a key request was for the ability to drill down into the statistics on PSL Datatrack’s main menu navigation screen. Added in the previous version of the software, this dashboard option can present 57 key performance indicators (KPIs) for quick reference to users with relevant permissions.

Now, PSL has provided users with the ability to click into any of the figures displayed to run a report homing in on the details behind the values, providing instant evidence for internal and external requirements. With reporting enhancements in mind, report previews can also now remain open when exiting the module they were originally run from, if desired by the customer.

Operators are now able to decide which of the Statistics, Classic or Roadmap views appears as their default home screen. If Statistics is selected, it is the customer’s choice as to whether it is configured to refresh automatically or manually.

Another element PSL has worked hard to maximise is the efficiency gains resulting from utilisation of the system. Quotation letters can now be printed to PDF, automatically named and saved to Document Management. The option to specify an extra quantity is now available in both the Quotations and Works Orders modules and quick conversion of quotes using speculative material to a billet material code has also been added.

From a traceability viewpoint, PSL Datatrack now manages sending material out for grinding. This covers the transition of the original material code, through the Purchase Orders and Goods Received modules, to the new material specification.

One of the system’s most popular modules, the Sequential Scheduler, has seen a number of additions. The schedule can now be calculated based on the availability of both machine and setter, particularly beneficial in machine shops where there are more machines than setters available. Additionally, scheduled operations can be set to wait for another operation which is useful for batching subcontract operations together.

Other highlights focus on heightened usability of the software. One example of this is the multi-select feature that has been added for rapid purchasing of tools to replenish them back to their minimum quantity requirement. A second one is that clocking on/off Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) now supports cumulative operation quantities. The system can be configured to log the quantity breakdown in the notes section of the transaction for management to review.

PSL Datatrack has received excellent feedback from customers that have already implemented the new release and subcontract precision engineering companies installing the system in the coming months will automatically receive the latest version.

“This latest release further underlines how we welcome the ideas we receive from our customers and our commitment to adding value to the system, by developing new features for all users to benefit from,” concludes Geoff Gartland, Managing Director.

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