Exports - information, support and representation for Made in Britain members

Made in Britain supports members to sell more of what they make overseas, as well as in the UK.  We are developing what we offer members to assist their growth of exports and, where relevant, manage their supply chain imports.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Cutting through red tape
  • Market-entry
  • Identification, onboarding and management of overseas partners, such as distributors.

An International Trade Panel of Made in Britain members helps inform our work on trade and the International Trade Programme of activity.

Due to the number and diversity of Made in Britain members, the time we can dedicate to individual member cases is limited however we are always keen to hear from members, to support where we can, and signpost where we cannot.  Your contact also helps ensure that Made in Britain continues to prioritise the themes that are most important for members.

To make contact with Made in Britain about international trade, please email trade@madeinbritain.org.

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