Function vs Aesthetics - Your manufacturing flooring needs both

Aesthetics can often be overlooked in industrial facilities, where functionality typically takes significant precedence over form. 

Heavy-duty, punishing processes in industrial environments, such as factories, warehouses, electronics processing and aircraft hangars, often call for a multitude of performance requirements when it comes to the flooring, including extreme chemical resistance, antistatic properties, resistance to heavy wheeled traffic and more. 

But how the floor looks is important too.

Staff member productivity increases with visually appealing spaces, they feel motivated and more engaged. Staff feel the company looks after them, the brand, and their reputation; in turn their want to perform well also increases. In fact, a study on The Interior Design of Workplace and its Impact on Employees’ Performance has shown that the vast majority of employees (96 %) believe that superior design leads to superior overall performance, and makes a company more competitive.  Of course, other factors come into play too such as lighting, interiors, and an outside view. Yes - even lighting!

Clear organised spaces not only look better but contribute better in regards to workflow. Spaces that are designed correctly, with effective zoning and walkways using bright colours as featured below offers the perfect guide for safety.

The pigmented, solvent-free, low odour epoxy floor coating system was installed across the whole floor area of the facility in RAL 7038 Agate Grey, before the finishing touches of solid and hatched areas using RAL 3001 Signal Red and RAL 7024 Graphite Grey, as well as solid walkways in RAL 1003 Signal Yellow throughout the production space. 

The addition of these clear walkways and restricted zones across the facility has ensured that the production team, as well as visitors to the site, are able to traverse the manufacturing areas safely and without incident. We all know Health & Safety is paramount and businesses need to keep their employees safe.

In summary, incorporating aesthetic considerations into industrial flooring choices isn’t just about making spaces look good – it’s about fostering a positive work environment that enhances productivity and safety.  

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