Garden room specialist welcomes new research

Cosy Garden Rooms has welcomed new research which suggests adding a garden room can boost property values. Recent findings from the Land Registry reveal that the average UK home comes with a price tag of £312,415. But by seamlessly integrating a garden room into the property, homeowners can potentially witness a surge in value of up to £15,600. It said that property values could increase by as much as 15%, depending on the garden room, style and size.

This is supported by recent research conducted by The Motley Fool, which also found that the addition of a quality garden room increases the value of a property. During the Covid lockdowns, homeowners sought solace and sanctuary in their homes and gardens, which highlighted the significance of outdoor environments in daily living. According to Cosy Garden Rooms, the trend for outdoor living and garden rooms has continued on an upward trajectory post-pandemic.

Since the firm’s inception in 2020, it has witnessed year-on-year growth.

The firm said: “Making the addition of a garden room to any property is a significant return on investment that not only adds value but also adds a certain ‘wow factor’ to a property, enhancing the overall desirability and saleability of the property. The average garden size in Great Britain is approximately 188 square metres, providing ample space for the addition of a garden room. With a modest size garden 16 square metres, a garden room can introduce a new and versatile living space to the property while still leaving plenty of room for a charming garden retreat. For homeowners that are looking to elevate their living accommodation and their property’s value a home office, games room, home gym or cosy relaxation space are a quick, affordable, flexible option.”

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