Government reaches out to businesses looking to supply goods and services related to efforts to tackle coronavirus

THE government is looking to buy a wide range of resources to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. There are two web-based forms for registering a businesses interest:

The first is for businesses to register their availability to contribute to the production of ventilators:

For other goods and services and to make sure the relevant team gets the information they need about your offer, please could you fill out the following survey:

The government says its teams will be in touch if and when appropriate.

You can also email queries about public sector contracting issues concerning coronavirus to: but you are strongly advised to use the web-based forms if you are offering to supply goods and services.

Issues being faced by businesses due to coronavirus and government support

The government has announced a range of measures and has issued advice to businesses concerning coronavirus. Up to date guidance can be accessed at:  

As this situation is developing by the hour, we would recommend that you sign up to the government's e-alerts:

Government officials have also encouraged businesses to keep them informed on the issues being faced. Please send this information to  They have told Made in Britain that they understand that individual company information may be commercially sensitive, and it will be treated accordingly. 


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