Lancashire Textiles contributes to the coronavirus effort

DUVET, pillow and mattress manufacturer Lancashire Textiles is switching some of its production to face masks and wipe-clean pillows to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

The Made in Britain member employs 35 people and feared it might have to close or make staff redundant unless it made changes during the crisis.

Steve Aspey, sales manager at Lancashire Textiles, told the BBC jobs would have gone at the company "but for this diversification". The company is making 2000 face masks a week, but expects that number to increase. It is also making a range of wipe-clean products it first manufactured during the ebola outbreak in 2014.

Mr Aspey said, "As with most manufacturing businesses, we are struggling with the downturn caused by the COVID-19 virus and are looking for all the support we can get to maintain the company and its employees. Some of our production has been switched to face masks and wipe-clean only products, which we also supplied during the ebola outbreak to help bolster levels of production. This is something we can do due to the flexible nature of our manufacturing and the expertise of our workforce."

Find out more about Lancashire Textiles from its members’ directory profile page here and enjoy this great video about the company:


Find out more about Lancashire Textiles on their member profile page here

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