Government webinars explain the UKCA mark and regulations

THE Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is running a series of webinars on the new UK regulatory regime for goods for businesses. The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is the new UK product marking covering most goods currently subject to the EU’s CE marking. Most manufactured goods will need to use the UKCA marking when placed on the market in Great Britain on or after 1 January 2023. 

The requirements for the UKCA marking generally mirror those that currently exist for the CE marking. If the CE marking goes on the product or packaging currently, then so can the UKCA marking. You can place the UKCA and CE marking on the same product if it is destined for both markets so long as the product meets the relevant regulatory requirements for both markets.  

Businesses involved in the manufacture, importing and distributing of these goods should take action now to ensure they are compliant with any new rules by 1 January 2023.  Click here to find out about the series of webinars. There are different rules for placing goods on the market in Northern Ireland which are detailed in the links and webinars below.

Guidance on using the UKCA marking 
Guidance on using the UKNI marking 
Guidance on placing goods on the market in Great Britain
Guidance on placing goods on the market in Northern Ireland
A-Z of industry guidance to understand requirements for product types.

Companies may recall that the 1 January 2023 date is a 12-month extension from the deadline originally set by the government. To read about that extension, as well as for links to other Made in Britain stories on UKCA, please click here.

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