Green Spill Kits

Spill Kits are often required by Pollution Prevention Guidelines, ISO standards and other regulations.

  • Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG26 states the requirement to have Spill Kits on-site to respond to any spills and recommends that vehicles transporting drums and IBCs carry a spill kit.
  • ISO 14001 requires adequate spill protection equipment must be on hand and staff should be trained to use the equipment to protect the environment in the event of accidental spillage.
  • Part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme Environmental Checklist is that spill kits available and employees know how to use them.

Our Green Spill Kit range not only helps you meet these requirements but is also made in Britain with a low carbon footprint, manufactured from recyclable or sustainable materials & performs better than standard polypropylene products, ideal for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact and achieve greener recognition.

With over 200 Spill Kit options ranging from 10 litre glove box kits to 1100 litre high capacity kits, we can supply the right kit for your needs.

The EVO Recycled® Green Spill Kits provide a unique solution for companies pursuing higher ethical and environmental standards without compromising performance and value.

Better Performance, Better Value, Better Ethics.

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