Happy Heated New Year

Thermaglow continuously reviews its impact on the environment, and determinedly looks for ways to reduce that impact to ensure we play our part in ensuring a better and safer future for our world. Some of the major improvements over the recent years have been, for example, to change all the lighting throughout the company to more efficient LED lights, put in place and drive a recycling process to ensure anything that can be recycled is recycled, employed reusable delivery containers for continuous repeat business.

The latest improvement that we want to share with you came on line this week, 4th January 2022, namely a heat recovery system that replaces a gas heating system in our Industrial manufacturing area. Previously gas fired ceiling heaters were used to heat the Industrial area, these have now been shut off and replaced by a new ducting and fan system that brings the heat generated by our air and Nitrogen generator compressors into the Industrial area. The heat from these compressors were previously exhausted out of the factory, which was undoubtedly appreciated by the local seagulls, but is now used to heat approximately a third of our manufacturing area.

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