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UNDERSTANDING the importance of answering commonly asked industry questions regarding gas springs and dampers, Camloc Motion Control Ltd has teamed up with numerous publications across engineering and manufacturing to provide high-quality content to the discerning design engineer.

This continues Camloc's mission to be more than just a manufacturer of gas springs and dampers and is an excellent example of how a member can offer a service to complement its product. Made in Britain has featured several examples of this kind of activity in recent months, where a manufacturer offers a service to its sector and provides itself with an opportunity to open up a sales conversation.

Often finding the same questions regarding gas springs, dampers and motion control solutions being asked, Camloc teamed up with leading publications to put our content answering these questions in front of design engineers worldwide.

To begin with, the company has compiled four whitepapers. The first of these whitepapers has been written as a guide to understanding the basics of gas spring application; providing a basic understanding of the workings and terminology used when specifying gas springs and dampers. It also describes the differences orientation and damping expected dependent on the mounting position chosen.

The following three whitepapers have been written by engineers, for engineers. These technical whitepapers include a two-part technical overview, discussing ‘forces’, ‘effect of rod diameter’, ‘effect of rod insertion’ and ‘effects and limits of temperature on gas springs’ – with the second of the technical overviews covering ‘damping’, ‘metering and extension speeds’, ‘friction and P1 – P4 charts’, ‘force and force ratios’ and ‘oil levels’.

Following on from these technical overview guides, Camloc has also produced an in-depth technical whitepaper on gas spring mounting. This whitepaper covers a wide variety of areas including ‘handling forces’, ‘mounting positions and gas spring sizing’, ‘mounting orientations’, ‘mounting; crossover, self-rise and self-close’, ‘mounting; practical application’ and ‘mounting; dampers’.

If you have any questions you feel need answering around gas spring, dampers and motion control, please email support@camloc.com.

You can access and download Camloc's whitepapers here at its Technical Support web pages.

Find out more about Camloc Motion Control Ltd on their member profile page here

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