Hollingworth Design Receives Grant For Virtual Pro CNC Machining Software

Stockport based Hollingworth Design Limited (HDL) has received grant funding of £11,892 towards the latest technology Virtual Pro CNC Machining software for its next generation INDEX G200 Turning & Milling Centre.

The grant was made possible through the Made Smarter Northwest Pilot Scheme through Manchester based The Growth Company Limited.

The new software will enable HDL to

  • 3D model from the design with all INDEX tool carriers and spindles
  • Simulation of machine
  •  Collision monitoring
  • Reduced setup time through easy troubleshooting on the PC
  • Genuine Siemens 840D control with complete operating panel
  • Identical behavior of the virtual and real machine
  • Optimized cycle times

Paul Hollingworth, managing director of HDL commented "I am delighted by the award of this grant and grateful to The Growth Company for its support. This software will ensure that HDL can fully utilise its state-of-the-art CNC equipment and continue to offer great products and service to its customers."

About The Growth Company:

Established in 1989, The Growth Company is a not-for-profit organisation which means it reinvests any money made and is dedicated to making a possitive difference and leaving a legacy of growth. For further information on The Growth Company, please see www.growthco.uk

About Hollingworth Design Limited:

Established in 2005, HDL offer a range of engineering services including CNC machining, panel wiring and design consultancy. For further information, or a quote for services, please contact sales@h-d-l.co.uk 

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