How to Stop the Spread of Strep A

How to Stop the Spread of Strep.

As we know talk of Strep A is all over the news as some younger people have sadly died from this invasive infection. In this Blog we cover off some of the questions on Strep A such as what it is and where dose it come from. We also have some tips on how to stop the infection spreading

In this blog we answer:

  • What is Strep A?
  • How do Strep A infections occur?
  • How Do you Stop Strep A from Spreading?
  • Is Strep A contagious?

What is Strep?

Strep A bacteria is a common type of bacteria. Strep A is also known as Group A Steptococcus (GAS) and is bacteria that is commonly found on skin and in the throat.

How do Strep A infections occur?

Strep A is more common in young children than adults and often spreads by close contact with an infected person. Strep A can be passed on with coughs and sneezes or from a wound. These bacteria live in the body without causing symptoms or making the individual feel unwell but these bacteria can still be spread on to others. If you have a weakened immune system, open sores or wounds or have a viral infection such as a cold or the flu these can all make you more at risk of catching Strep A infections.

How Do you Stop Strep A from Spreading?

First and foremost be on the lookout!  Strep A is not a new bacterial and is recognised as a ‘notifiable disease’ by UK Health Security Agency who have advised that the laboratory notifications of Strep A so far this season are higher than expected. So it is still about and the things to look out for in children and adults is:

  • Flu-like symptoms with high temperature, swollen glands or aching body
  • Sore dry throat (tonsillitis)
  • A rash that feels like sandpaper (scarlet fever)
  • Wound scabs and sores
  • Pain and swelling
  • Sever muscle aches
  • Nausea and vomiting

Being on the lookout is fine but it is also always best to keep your hands clean after touching surfaces and wiping down surfaces with anti-bac spray or wet wipes that conform to BSEN16615 and EN1276. If purchasing a surface spray or wet wipe it is always good to check the label to ensure that it passes these numbers or at least states that it kills 99.99% of bacteria. A lot of sprays on the market are just cleaners so it is always good to double-check the label.

Strep a is common in a lot of schools across the country at the moment and here is some ways on how you can help ensure that Strep a doesn’t spread through your school.

Touchpoints in schools such as Handles, Desks, Gym Equipment, stationery, Basins, Sinks, Toilets, hand dryers, hand towel dispensers and toilet roll dispensers can all harbour bacteria from anyone touching them. The best way to keep them clean and germ-free is to wipe the surface down at least 2 or 3 times a day to stop cross-contamination. This can be done easily, quickly and effectively by using a large tub of sanitising wipes that can be dispensed with ease to save you time.

Areas in office blocks also have a lot of touchpoints such as coffee machines, door handles, washrooms, canteens, desks, chairs, worktops, keyboards and phones. All these areas are bested wiped down at least once a day with cleaning and sanitising wipes. 

A simple way to ensure that areas are sanitised is to make a simple checklist of the items that need to be sanitised and then you can simply tick the area off once it has been sanitised so that you and your cleaners can see what has been done.

As well as a checklist it always best to have a comprehensive cleaning schedule to ensure that all areas of the building are regularly cleaned and sanitised to ensure there is no scope for cross-contamination. Wet wipes, cleaning cloths, sanitating sprays and colour coded bin bags are great products to help stop cross-contamination.

Is Strep A contagious? 

Yes, Strep a is highly contagious and can spread easily by close contact with an infected person – via coughs, sneezes or contact with a wound. It is advised that anyone that has a Strep A infection should isolate and consult with a doctor for medication.

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