Hydraulic Height Adjustable Workbenches Now Available from Benchmaster

Benchmaster is extremely excited to announce that we are now offering a completely new product range on our website.

After a lot of planning, manufacturing and perfecting – the hydraulic height adjustable workbenches from Benchmaster are now available.

We are constantly striving to improve our products and make each customer’s experience the best it possibly can be. That’s why we’ve developed this new range which we think would be extremely popular in a variety of sectors:

Education – perfect for schools, universities or colleges as many classes may use the same workbenches and each student would be able to easily adjust the height to what suits them.

Electronics – equip an ESD top to one of our hydraulic height adjustable workbenches and they’d fit right in with the electronics sector.

Domestic – we don’t just manufacture benches for big companies, we also provide a ton of products to the individual. These workbenches would be great for your personal workshop.

Office work – ideal when pushing hot desks to suit different heights.

Engineering – in the engineering sector, you’re often working with extremely heavy materials and need a sturdy surface to work on.

Distribution – great for distribution centres, these benches are ready to use once delivered.

You can choose from a UDL of 300kg or 600kg and these height adjustable workbenches come in either a manual or electric option. The electric workbenches come with a hydraulic pump with a motor unit and the manual option includes a hydraulic pump with a fixed handle. The height adjustable range is 300mm (700mm-1000mm).

When ordering your workbench, you can choose from a range of tops, sizes, colours and add any accessories. We also offer bespoke solutions and other sizes are available on request. 

Benchmaster has been established for 45 years, delivering quality products and providing top-notch customer service. We’re the right company to call if you’re looking for a sturdy bench for your operations. Interested in ordering from our new range? Contact us and we can discuss your requirements or head over to the page on our website where you can customise and order your workbench.

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