Ideal World TV offer major opportunity to Made in Britain members

Made in Britain and Ideal Shopping Direct ( Ideal World TV and Create & Craft TV) announce a new campaign for 2018 to offer its TV shoppers more British made innovative products. 

 Tony Camp, Managing Director Sourcing at Ideal Shopping Direct,  explains why now is the time for Made in Britain members. 

“Ideal Shopping Direct is committed to finding innovative, exclusive products and Brands that we can offer at great prices. We always aim to delight our customers and we can delight them even more if our amazing offers are also made in Britain. Our viewers are telling us they want new ideas, local products, British suppliers and great prices. As a retail organisation working at the very cutting edge of marketing, and competing with some global giants, Ideal Shopping Direct is always looking for an exclusive competitive edge, so if it can sell more Made in Britain products from the 100s of great manufacturers around Britain, then that helps us achieve our strategic objectives.” 

 Made in Britain members can sign up here to the first exclusive Meet the Ideal Buyers Open Day in March. The event is free to members, all day and includes workshops on how to sell on TV, support in product positioning and presentations from Ideal TV senior Buying Team. 

 John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain is excited by the opportunity for members: 

“This request from Ideal Shopping Direct to invite our members in, to pitch their products is exactly what the platform of Made in Britain should be providing to members. We know lots of products at retail are made overseas, but the past doesn’t equal the future, and buying a product that’s been made closer to home comes with a long list of consumer benefits and advantages for the retailers too.” 

Ideal Shopping Direct are also offering their Lead Generation new customer acquisition model to members of Made in Britain. With the objective of generating appointments, sales and new customers to their brands, this offers members an exciting and unique route to market.

 Ideal Shopping Direct and Made in Britain will host Meet the Buyer Open days through all of 2018 and are aiming to bring on board 100 new Made in Britain suppliers by the end of the year.

If you would like to attend the inaugural Meet the Ideal Buyer event, contact us on 

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