Improved pharmaceutical powder sieving for a leading manufacturer

Alaron, a prominent contract manufacturer in New Zealand, specializes in health supplements, complementary medicines, and skincare products. With over two decades of GMP certification, Alaron is renowned for its adherence to high manufacturing standards.

To process its products, Alaron screens significant quantities of powdered materials from local and international suppliers. However, their previous screening methods were inefficient, resulting in slower throughput and reduced capacity. Additionally, the cleaning process was labor-intensive.

To overcome these challenges, Alaron installed the Russell Compact Sieve®, a highly efficient screening solution. They now have four units in operation, with another on the way, along with two Russell Mini Sifters for smaller projects.

The Russell Compact Sieve® has doubled Alaron's throughput rates for powdered materials, while its user-friendly design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Click here to read the full article here: Alaron Doubles Pharma Powder Screening Productivity.

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