Increase Efficiency and Improve Productivity with a High Tip Bucket

A BAC High Tip Bucket allows for an increased discharge height and is used for loading high sided vehicles, walking floor trailers and hoppers etc.

A High Tip Bucket allows tipping at a higher level and can be used for handling and loading high volume materials higher up with a multitude of materials

  • Grains
  • Waste
  • Sugar Beet
  • Wood chips
  • Bag Waste
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Coal

BAC High Tip Buckets are used extensively within the Agriculture and Construction sectors

Developments in high tip buckets have increased their functionality

Larger ranges designed to match your specific operational requirements ( substrates to be handled, volumes and vehicles )
Buckets designed to increase lift heights whilst high tipping angles allow for the rapid and controlled emptying of the high tip bucket
A correctly specified and designed high tip bucket can increase efficiency and improve productivity
When an increased discharge height is needed
The fundamental difference between a BAC high tip bucket and a conventionally mounted standard bucket is that an increased discharge height of over 1.5 metres can be achieved on the dump stage.  If a discharge height of over 1.5 metres is required contact our engineering team on 01440 706429 who will happily discuss your requirements

High Tip Buckets are ideal for light materials, when moving the material into high sided trucks or hoppers. Discharge in the high carry position is achieved by the pivot being situated behind the leading edge with the buckets dump action being activated by two hydraulic cylinders.

What to look for when selecting a high tip bucket
Choose a bucket of the correct volume, going too big or too small may cause operating inefficiencies. Sizes range from 1cm³ to 14cm³ capacity
A clear floor twin ram system is beneficial as it provides an improved and more reliable ejection process
Quick hitch or direct mount fitment
Having a bolt on reversible wear edge will provide twice the life and will be easier to replace
Some elements of the bucket will be exposed to mechanical abrasion and higher wear. Bolt on heel plates allow for easy replacement
BAC high tip buckets come complete with all hoses and fittings as standard
Closing dampeners on bucket frame will reduce wear and noise
BA Caulkett high tip buckets are fitted with hydraulic cross line relief valves to protect the hydraulic system on our buckets.
If your application requires it Trash guard or Spill guard should be available

How can a loader high tip bucket increase efficiency and improve productivity
A loader with a BAC high tip bucket can increase efficiency and improve productivity in several ways:

Increased Dumping Height: A high tip bucket can dump materials at a greater height than a standard bucket, allowing operators to unload materials into trucks or hoppers without having to move the loader as often. This reduces the time and effort needed to move the loader and improves efficiency.
Improved Bucket Capacity: High tip buckets typically have a larger capacity than standard buckets, allowing operators to move larger loads in a single pass. This reduces the number of trips needed to move materials, saving time and improving productivity.
Better Visibility: High tip buckets offer better visibility to the operator by raising the bucket higher off the ground. This makes it easier for the operator to see and pick up materials, reducing the risk of accidents and improving efficiency.
Reduced Spillage: High tip buckets are designed to reduce spillage, which means that more material is carried in the bucket without falling out. This reduces the need for cleanup and increases productivity.
Versatility: High tip buckets can be used for a wide range of applications, from loading materials into trucks to dumping materials over walls or into hoppers. This versatility means that the loader can be used for multiple tasks, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.
Overall, a loader with a high tip bucket can increase efficiency and improve productivity by reducing the number of trips needed to move materials, improving visibility and reducing the risk of accidents, and providing versatility for a wide range of applications.

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