Innovation, leadership, investment, and collaboration is key for a sustainable future

As our economy faces the impacts of several crises – most notably the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine - businesses may be tempted to hold back their investments in sustainability. This is particularly true for SMEs that generally have fewer human and financial resources to dedicate to this agenda.

Too often corporate sustainability is still seen as an option. Yet, businesses are experiencing unprecedented pressure to adopt more sustainable business models. Several countries have introduced laws requiring companies to integrate respect for human rights and the environment in their operations. Consumers are increasingly buying from sustainable brands. Investors are seeking companies that have sound strategies to mitigate climate and human rights risks. Young talent is choosing to work for employers that put sustainability at the heart of their business decisions. 

Businesses that are choosing to take action now will benefit from the huge opportunities offered by the transition to a more sustainable future. They will increase their competitiveness, reduce future costs, and become more resilient to shocks. Manufacturers will play a leading role in this transition, particularly when it comes to achieving the UK Net Zero target, which will require investments in the design of green products and services.

Innovation, leadership, investment, and collaboration will be the key ingredients to enable the systemic change that we desperately need. This is why initiatives like the Made in Britain Impact Awards, which recognise and celebrate companies and SMEs that are rethinking their business models and contributing to this change, are fundamental. They are a great source of inspiration for others to do the same. 

I look forward to reading the stories submitted to learn how British manufacturers are having a positive impact on our economy and society.

The awards are open to all members. Book your tickets to attend the Made in Britain Impact Awards.  

By Made in Britain 2 months ago | Made in Britain Impact Awards

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