Integrated Video Streaming is coming to Mediaport SONJA

Watch this space: Integrated videostreaming is coming to Mediaport SONJA.

We’ve teamed up with Videosoft Global to embed their advanced video streaming technology in our multi-cellular mobile router, Mediaport SONJA.

The SONJA Rugged mobile transmitter is powered by dual hot-swap MBITR batteries for rapid deployment in covert and tactical surveillance and situational awareness applications, for use on the move, and in all weather conditions.

Up to four IP cameras can be directly connected via ruggedised RJ45, and all streams can be viewed and managed remotely by Videosoft apps running on Windows, Android, and iOS, or passed to third-party VMS for incorporation into wider monitoring systems.

By combining up to four cellular connections with satcom, wifi, microwave, mesh radio, or any other available WAN bearer, SONJA creates a highly resilient backhaul for low-latency video, and can simultaneously provide secure, hardened VPN connectivity for laptops, mobiles etc.

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